This two day meeting was held at the Highlander Inn in Manchester, NH.

Purposes of the Workshop:

  • To review SIP requirements and anticipated work products, and to refine work plans.
  • To begin to develop and to encourage the use of a common approach for setting reasonable progress goals in MANE-VU Class I state SIPs.
  • To encourage coordination and consultation among the MANE-VU states, and other neighboring Class I states affected by emissions from MANE-VU states, and other interested MANE-VU states as reasonable progress goals are established.

Presentations and Handouts:
Adobe Acrobat format


Regional Haze Requirements and Status of SIP Development
Susan S.G. Wierman, MARAMA

EPA Reasonable Progress Guidance
Cynthia Stahl, EPA

MANE-VU Contribution Assessment
Gary Kleiman, NESCAUM

Local Sources and Options near Class I Areas
Susan S.G. Wierman, MARAMA

Proposed process for developing Reasonable Progress Goals & Documentation:

Next Steps to Develop Reasonable Progress Goals

Next Steps to implement the consultation Progress – Description of Process
Anna Garcia, OTC