The 2005 MANE-VU Science & Policy Meeting was held on November 9-10, 2005 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The meeting objectives for the two day meeting were:

  • To share and discuss available modeling and data analysis results pertaining to Regional Haze and related SIPs
  • To facilitate completion of technical elements of SIPs and provide support for the consultation process
  • Discuss and identify next steps in MANE-VUs science projects, support for SIPs, and consultation process

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SIP Elements
(Susan Wierman, MARAMA)

Consultation Process
(Anna Garcia, OTC)

Reasonable Progress Goals
(Gary Kleiman, NESCAUM)

A Regional Look at the MANE-VU Emissions Inventories, Trends, and Projections
(Serpil Kayin, MARAMA)

CMAQ Results
(Shen He, NESCAUM)

REMSAD Results
(Jung-Hun Woo, NESCAUM)

(Paul Wishinski, VT)

Overview of CALPUFF Modeling Using UMd 12-km MM5
(Mark Garrison, John Sherwell)

Preliminary Work Using CEM Data
(Alper Unal, NJ)

Trajectory Clustering Results
(Iyad Kheirbek, NESCAUM)

Emissions/Distance Results and Other Techniques
(Mike Borucke, NESCAUM)

Source Apportionment Results,
Improve Algorithm for Estimating Light Extinction
(Rich Poirot, VT)

Rain Results
(John Graham, NESCAUM)

Weight of Evidence Approach for SIPs – Methods for combing results in a meaningful way
(John Graham, NESCAUM)

Discussion of the Weight of Evidence Approach for SIPs – EPA Guidance and MANE-VU’s Preliminary Analysis
(Gary Kleiman, NESCAUM)

VISTAS Headlines
(Pat Brewer, VISTAS)

Elements of the Long Term Strategy
(Ray Papalski, NJ)

Open Discussion and Contributed Presentations