The MANE-VU EGU Forecasting Meeting was held at the Hampton Inn and Suites in the Baltimore Inner Harbor on February 15, 2005.


MANE-VU is in the process of planning the development of future year emission inventories for Regional Haze, PM2.5 and Ozone SIPs. A critical part of forecasting emission inventories is forecasting EGU growth and emissions. The Integrated Planning Model (IPM) has been used by several organizations to project EGU emissions.


The goal of the meeting was to learn from experts about general concepts of IPM, inputs and assumptions made in existing work, and to outline the process and technical details to develop a plan for MANE-VU EGU projections to be utilized in PM2.5, Ozone and Regional Haze SIPs.

Format of the meeting

The MANE-VU EGU forecasting meeting will consist of two parts: the first part will be a fact finding session and the second part will be a state caucus. During the fact finding session there will be presentations on the concepts behind IPM, different assumptions and inputs used by RPOs, EPA and/or RGGI. During the fact finding session, there will also be an opportunity for stakeholders to provide their inputs and comments, and states to ask questions and voice concerns about technical details.

The second half of the meeting was closed to stakeholders and consultants. States and MANE-VU staff planned the process and discussed technical details for projecting EGU emissions.


(PDF format)

RGGI assumptions and inputs to IPM runs
(ICF Consulting)

EPA CAIR IPM runs presentation – explanation of inputs and assumptions used
(EPA, Misha Adamantiades)

VISTAS/MRPO assumptions and inputs used in RPO IPM runs
(Greg Stella via telephone)