The Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (MARAMA) is looking for a highly energetic person to join our team. The person needs to able to understand air quality concepts and be a quick learner. The work involves organizing and coordinating groups of people to discuss and educate air quality agency personnel in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. There is also a technical aspect to this job where you will investigate issues and lead groups in tackling air quality challenges to improve air quality across the country.

MARAMA is a small dedicated group of people working as a non-profit association of ten air quality agencies (DE, DC, MD, NJ, NC, PA, VA, WV, Philadelphia and Allegheny County). Our mission is to strengthen our agencies’ skills and capabilities and help them work together to prevent and reduce air emissions and its impacts in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Under the supervision of the Executive Director, this position provides staff support for establishing and conducting webinars, organizing MARAMA Training Workshops and coordinating workgroup webinars, along with reviewing current and up and coming air quality issues/topics. The three areas of responsibility for this position relate to the three aspects of MARAMA’s mission: Coordination, Technical Projects, and Training.

Regional Coordination will include staff support and working with MARAMA members to inform, train and conduct reviews of technical work projects. Technical work will include performing work (data analysis) in-house. Training responsibilities will include organizing meetings and identifying technical training needs for air agency staff working in the MARAMA region.

Responsibilities May Include:

  • Support with technical assistance, training and education for understanding and managing air quality emissions and their impact on our region
  • Support planning tasks, including team management, scheduling, budgeting, progress reports and agency coordination
  • Prepare and write technical reports and presentations
  • Prepare charts, graphs/maps, and tables to communicate and support analysis results
  • Prepare data summaries or data analysis, review proposed policies or regulations, gather member feedback, along with editing and posting analyses on MARAMA’s website.
  • Develop emission inventories for various air sources
  • Provide leadership to identify issues needing coordination and methods for resolving them and serve as a resource to help members find information
  • Organization and development of agendas and speakers for workgroup webinars, meetings and conference calls
  • Assist MARAMA training staff to develop courses, webinars, and training events around MARAMA identified priorities. Course development responsibilities will include identifying potential speakers, developing agendas, and preparing materials that enhance learning.

Application Deadline: October 29, 2021 | Position Details: Word document