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Closing Date: 03-31-2021

This is a specific recruitment for South Coast AQMD.

South Coast AQMD and Job Overview
South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) is one of the largest and most technologically sophisticated environmental regulatory agencies in the nation. We serve a four-county region that includes all of Orange County and parts of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, home to almost 17 million people. South Coast AQMD’s headquarters is located in Diamond Bar, 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, at the junction of the 57 and 60 freeways. With a highly diverse and dedicated “Clean Air Team” of over 750 employees, an annual budget of $173 million, South Coast AQMD’s mission is to protect public health from air pollution through a comprehensive program of planning, regulation, education, enforcement, incentives, technical innovation, and promotion of public understanding of air quality issues.

South Coast AQMD’s mission requires diverse perspectives, talents, and life experiences to solve some of the most complex technical air quality issues. We are committed to creating and maintaining a work environment that appreciates the unique contributions of our employees and fosters professional development and growth. South Coast AQMD respects the distinct ideas and perspectives of our stakeholders and works to bring them together toward the common goal of clean air.

About the Job of Inspector
South Coast AQMD is committed to protecting the health and safety of the residents of the South Coast Air Basin through an extensive and robust enforcement program. Our inspectors are responsible for inspecting businesses and commercial and industrial facilities and operations to evaluate compliance with South Coast AQMD Rules and Regulations, permit requirements, federal laws, and state statutes. The types of facilities and operations that are inspected include large power plants and refineries; industrial, commercial, and manufacturing operations of all sizes; retail gasoline service stations; landfills and waste site excavations; demolition and land clearing for construction of homes or other buildings; and portable engines and equipment. Inspectors also respond to public complaints about air quality and conduct many different types of investigative activities.

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