In November 2012, EPA launched APTI-Learn, the Air Pollution Training Institutes's new Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS is a web-based software that provides one-stop shopping supporting training delivery, administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting.  The LMS outlines the recommended training and professional development opportunities for 13-functional areas for Air Quality Professionals.  Based on your specific duties and career path the LMS is comprehensive development guide for your career.

MARAMA plans to utilize this system for students to register for MARAMA sponsored courses.  By utilizing this system, students will be able to maintain a transcript of courses taken, both classroom and online, as well as print certificates.

In order for students to register for MARAMA courses and to track training they have taken, they will need to be registered with the APTI Learning Management System.  Many MARAMA members have already been entered into the LMS system along with the last 5 years training records.  To check if you have already been entered into the system click here to check

New Users

There are several instructional guides on the Home page at to help you login and navigate the site, including "

To register, click on First time user? Click here to register and follow the prompts.

Under the Organization tab/section, please ensure you select the following:

Affilitiation: MARAMA (Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Mgmt Assoc)

Next Line: State (Allegheny County & Philadelphia should choose Pennsylvania)

Next Line: Agency Name

Staff from North Carolina, should choose Metro 4/SESARM under Affiliation/Agency.

Once you are registered with the LMS you now have access to all the courses being offered including MARAMA sponsored ones as well as the self-instruction courses and videos.

Registered Users

If you have an account but have not yet logged in, you can access the account by doing the following:

1. Enter your work email address

2. Enter the password "epa1234567"

3. Once you have logged on, click on User Profile to change your password.



Registering for a Course

To register for a course, locate the course you want in the calendar and click on "Register".  You will receive an email that states you have been put onto the waitlist.  You will receive a follow up email once you have be confirmed to attend the course.

Please note, you still need to follow your agency policy in regards to participating in training.  Please make sure you have received the appropriate approval through your agency prior to registering.  Acceptance in a course does not guarantee approval from your agency.


Your state/local training coordinators may be able to assist you with logon and course registration.  Please contact them for further information or contact Jackie Burkhardt and Sue Dilli (MARAMA Training) at training(at)