Mid Atlantic Regional Air Management Association - MARAMA


  1. NACT 334 Permit Practices and Principles

    Type: Webinar Location: On-line
    2021 07Jul 13-15
  2. APTI 423 Air Pollution Dispersion Models & Applications

    Type: Webinar Location: On-line
    2021 07Jul 19-23
  3. International Symposium on Data Assimilation

    Type: Webinar Location: On-line
    2022 06Jun 06-10


Employees of state, local government, or tribal air agencies are invited to use new EPA learning management system (LMS). All state, local government and tribal learners need to register to access the new system. About the New LMS.

This MARAMA 2021 Directory PDF file helps Mid-Atlantic air pollution control agency staff contact each other.

Webinar presentations, recordings, and summaries of recent federal legislation and actions in states and locals in the OTC, NESCAUM and MARAMA regions that address Environmental Justice in Air Quality.

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