Dates: February 13-14, 2012
Hotel Information
Location: Philadelphia, PA


The meeting goals were to:




Allegheny County PM2.5 SIP Development
Anthony J. Sadar, ACHD

Application of DISCOVER-AQ Observations for Evaluating and Improving Air Quality Models (10MB)
Dr. Ken Pickering, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Recent Modeling and Data Analysis Results

Assessing Air Quality Impacts of Natural Gas Development & Production in the Marcellus Shale Formation
Professor Allen Robinson, Carnegie Mellon University

Fast-online Measurements of Organic Aerosol – Insight into Sources and Processing in
the Atmosphere

Peter DeCarlo, Drexel University

Importance of Organic Materials in Modeling PM2.5
Professor Allen Robinson, Carnegie Mellon University

Forecasting Emissions from EGUs and On-Road Mobile Sources

EIA's Updated Outlook on the Future of the Power Industry
Robert Smith, US DOE, Energy Information Administration

ERTAC EGU Growth Committee - Update and Overview
Doris McLeod, VA DEQ

Lessons Learned from MOVES and SMOKE Modeling
Jin-Sheng Lin, VA DEQ

Reports on Regional Modeling

SEMAP Modeling Plans and Status
Byeong Kim, GA DNR

Updates to Northeast Regional Modeling
Robert Sliwinski, NYS DEC

Moving Forward to Address Regional Transport
Tad Aburn, MDE

Discussion of New EPA Mandates for Monitoring and Modeling

Monitoring - The Way Forward
Chet Wayland, US EPA OAQPS

SO2 Non-Attainment - Modeling & Monitoring Issues
Chet Wayland, US EPA OAQPS



Radisson Plaza - Warwick Hotel
1701 Locust St
Philadelphia, PA 19103


If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Alice Lutrey at alutrey(at) or Joan Walstrum at jwalstrum(at) or 443-901-1882 .