St. Louis, MO
November 4-6, 2003

The RPO National Workgroup held its annual meeting at the Adams Mark in St. Louis, MO.   Meeting attendees included representatives of state and Federal agencies, the U.S. EPA, RPO staff, educational institutions, and interested private entities. Presentations included information on monitoring and data analysis, emission inventories, and modeling. Hands-on training for VIEWS, CATT and FASTNET was also available.

Final Agenda 

Meeting Summary

Attendees List


Plenary Sessions

CATT & FASTNET Training Announcement (Rudy Husar – CAPITA, Washington University, St. Louis)

VIEWS Training Announcement (Shawn McClure - CIRA)

IDEA - Infusing satellite Data into Environmental (air quality) Applications (Jim Szykman – EPA, OAQPS)

Background Aerosol in the United States: Natural Sources and Transboundary Pollution (Dan Jacob – Harvard University Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group)

Results of Ambient Air Analyses in Support of Transport Rule (Fred Dimmick – EPA, OAQPS)

Monitoring and Data Analysis


WRAP Data Analysis and Monitoring Activities Update (not presented at meeting) (Marc Pitchford – NOAA)

VISTAS Data/Monitoring Overview  (Scott Reynolds – South Carolina DHEC)

MRPO Data Analysis Update (Donna Kenski – LADCO)

Summary of EPA/NESCAUM-Sponsored Workshop on Air Toxics Methodology Issues (George Allen – NESCAUM)

Update on RPO and EPA Fire Emissions Systems (Tom Moore – WRAP)


Causes of Haze Assessment (Dave DuBois – Desert Research Institute)

IMPROVE Ion Study and other IMPROVE Special Studies (Jeff Collett – Colorado State University)

SEARCH and VISTAS Special Studies (Eric Edgerton – ARA)

St. Louis - Midwest Supersite Fine Particulate Matter Field Campaign at Reserve, KS (Jay Turner – Washington University, St. Louis)

Northeastern Monitoring Studies: A Summary of Non-Routine Haze-Relevant in the MANE-VU Domain (George Allen – NESCAUM)

Aerosol Extinction Assessment and Impact on Regional Haze Rule Implementation (Doug Lowenthal – Desert Research Institute)

Comparison of the STN and IMPROVE Networks for Mass and Selected Chemistry Components (Dennis Crumpler – EPA, OAQPS)


Database and Analytical Tool Development for the Management of Data Derived from US DOE (NETL) Funded Fine Particulate (PM2.5) Research (Kevin Crist – Ohio University & Charlie Crawford – Advanced Technology Systems)

VIEWS Update (Shawn McClure – CIRA)

Fast Aerosol Sensing Tools for Natural Event Tracking (Rudy Husar – CAPITA, Washington University, St. Louis)


RPO Data Analysis/Monitoring Grant Guidance Review (Marc Pitchford – NOAA & Rosalina Rodriguez – EPA, OAQPS)

Emission Inventory

Discussion/Consensus Session

WRAP Wind Blown Fugitive Dust and Ammonia Emissions Updates (Ralph Morris – ENVIRON)

EPA Activities: Fugitive Dust Emissions Model (Tom Pace - EPA, OAQPS)

WRAP SCC Temporal Speciation Profile Improvement Project Status (Tom Moore – WRAP)

CEM Data Analysis and Use (Mark Janssen – LADCO)

Status of EPA Commitment to Reformat CEM/EGU Hourly Data (Marc Houyoux – EPA, OAQPS)

Midwest RPO Nonroad Project (Mark Janssen – LADCO)

Midwest RPO Area Source EI Comparability Project (Mark Janssen – LADCO)

VISTAS Emissions Inventory Overview (Pat Brewer – VISTAS)

Residential Wood Combustion Emissions Inventory Project for the MANE-VU Region (Megan Schuster – MARAMA)

Emission Projections (Gregory Stella – Alpine Geophyics, LLC)

General Discussion

2002 National Emission Inventory (David Misenheimer – EPA, OAQPS)

Networked Environmental Information System for Global Emissions Inventories (NEISGEI) (Stefan Falke - Washington University, St. Louis)

RPO Virtual Inventory (Mark Janssen - LADCO)

Inventory Schedules (Tom Moore - WRAP)

EPA Projects/Plans Involving Projections (Marc Houyoux - EPA, OAQPS)

EPA Activities: Ammonia from Soils (Tom Pace - EPA, OAQPS)

Electric Utility Growth Methodology Review (Mark Janssen - LADCO)

Building a Better Ammonia Inventory (Mark Janssen - LADCO)

Revision of the National Emissions Inventory of Ammonia from Animal Husbandry (Marc Houyoux - EPA, OAQPS)

Emissions Modeling Survey Results (Marc Houyoux - EPA, OAQPS)

Fire Emissions

Midwest Fire Inventory Project (Mark Janssen - LADCO)

2002 Fire Inventory: VISTAS States (Pat Brewer - VISTAS)

EPA Activities: Wildland Fire Emission Inventories (Tom Pace - EPA, OAQPS)

An Integrated Fire, Smoke, and Air Quality Data & Tools Network (Stefan Falke - Washington Univeristy, St. Louis)

Closing Discussion

Emissions Discussion Group Closeout (Tom Moore - WRAP)

Questions for EPA (All)

Photochemical and Meteorological Modeling

Modeling Updates

CENRAP Modeling Update (Calvin Ku, Missouri DNR)

Midwest RPO Update: Air Quality and Meteorological Modeling (Kirk Baker - Midwest RPO)

VISTAS Modeling Overview (Sheila Holman - North Carolina DENR)

WRAP Update (John Vimont - National Park Service)

National RPO Modeling Discussion Group: Past Efforts & Meeting Goals (Chad Daniel - Iowa DNR)

General Presentations

PM Model Performance & Grid Resolution (Kirk Baker - Midwest RPO)

Model Performance Evaluation Database and Software (Betty Pun - Atmospheric & Environmental Research Inc.)

Synthesized CMAQ: A BRAVO Community Product (John Vimont - National Park Service)

Evaluation of CMAQ Sensitivities for VISTAS Air (Jim Boylan - Georgia DNR)

VISTAS Meteorological Modeling (Mike Abraczinskas – North Carolina DENR)

PM2.5 and Regional Haze Modeling Guidance Update (Brian Timin - EPA, OAQPS)

Joint Session of Emission Inventory and Modeling Groups

Open Emissions Model (OPEM): Emissions Model for Models3/CMAQ and CAMX (Mark Janssen - LADCO)

WRAP Wind Blown Fugitive Dust and Ammonia Emissions Updates (Ralph Morris - ENVIRON)

Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP) Projection of Visibility Changes and Modeling Sensitivity Analysis (Ralph Morris - ENVIRON)

PM2.5 Soil/Crustal Sensitivity Runs (Kirk Baker - Midwest RPO)

SMOKE Improvements in Version 2.0 (Marc Houyoux - EPA, OAQPS)

Inventory Schedules: Emissions and Modeling Groups (All)