Mid Atlantic Regional Air Management Association - MARAMA


  1. Mobile Sources Training Workshop

    Type: Workshop Location: Virtual
    2021 03Mar 16-18
  2. Solar Induced Fluorescence and LIDAR to Assess Vegetation Change and Vulnerability

    Type: Webinar Location: On-line
    2021 03Mar 16-25
  3. NASA’s Earth Observing Fleet

    Type: Webinar Location: On-Demand
    2021 03Mar 19-31


School Bus Rebates

We are excited to announce a funding opportunity for school bus fleets that serve public schools. EPA anticipates awarding over $10 million in this DERA funding opportunity. DERA Details

2019 Annual Report

This report highlights the Mid Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (MARAMA) accomplishments from October 2018 through September 2019.

Webinar presentations, recordings, and summaries of recent federal legislation and actions in states and locals in the OTC, NESCAUM and MARAMA regions that address Environmental Justice in Air Quality.

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