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Executive Director

The Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO), a non-profit organization serving its member states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, is seeking qualified applicants for its Executive Director position. The Executive Director and the other LADCO staff work in the LADCO office, located in Rosemont, Illinois. Key job skills include a strong technical background in air quality management and planning; strong analytical skills, including the ability to synthesize complex technical air quality-related data; and the ability to communicate technical information to technical and policy people.

This position requires:
(1) An understanding of federal and state environmental air quality programs - Applicant should have working knowledge of the Clean Air Act and related federal and state policies and rules; and knowledge of federal and state air pollution control programs, including implementation and interpretation of such programs.

(2) A strong technical background in air quality management and planning - Applicant should have an understanding of technical air quality data and tools, and their application in addressing environmental air pollution issues. Applicant should have knowledge of appropriate (and federally approved) technical policies and procedures related to emissions inventories, ambient air monitoring, analysis of monitoring data, and air quality modeling.

(3) Management and leadership experience - Applicant should have experience directing the activities of an in-house technical staff, coordinating the activities of external workgroups, and managing the work of private contractors. Applicant should have experience leading workgroups and committees, and running meetings and conference calls.  Applicant should have a demonstrated ability to plan, organize, and direct technical work to address environmental air pollution problems.

(4) Ability to work in a collaborative team environment - Applicant shall be responsive and compliant with direction provided by the LADCO Board of Directors. Applicant should have experience working with in-house staff, external workgroups, and private contractors. Applicant should have a demonstrated ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with a diverse group of public and private sector organizations, including federal, state, and local government; industrial companies and organizations; environmental groups; and academia.

(5) Ability to analyze and synthesize technical information - Applicant should have experience with quality assuring, analyzing, and synthesizing complex technical air quality-related information for the purposes of understanding and addressing environmental air quality problems.

(6) Written and verbal communication skills - Applicant should have a demonstrated ability to prepare written technical reports and to present technical information to technical and non-technical (policy) people. Applicant should have experience making verbal presentations to audiences of different backgrounds.

(7) A Bachelor’s Degree and, preferably, an advanced degree in environmental studies or a relevant scientific/technical field, or equivalent experience.

Primary duties of this position include:
Technical Responsibilities - Provide technical assessments for and assistance to the member states on air quality issues, including managing and overseeing regional and state-specific air quality analyses for ozone, fine particles, regional haze, air toxics, and other air pollutants; Provide a forum for member states to discuss air quality issues, including supporting the LADCO Board of Directors, the Policy Steering Committee, the Technical Steering Committee, and the Project Team; Work with U.S. EPA on behalf of the LADCO member states; Promote communication and understanding on air quality issues and studies, including supporting regional public information efforts, and maintaining the LADCO web site; Provide information and respond to questions related to work of the Consortium Organize and coordinate training for member states.

Administrative Responsibilities - Manage LADCO executive staff; Manage contracts, as necessary; Maintain good accounting records to ensure the financial accountability of LADCO. Implement financial and accounting procedures and ensure appropriate separation of financial duties, as identified in LADCO’s “Financial Management Manual”, May 2011 – see ; Prepare an annual budget, grant applications, funding requests, contracts, financial reports, quarterly and annual reports, and other documents, as necessary; Implement LADCO’s policies and procedures, as documented in a series of five manuals – see

Applications (i.e., a letter of interest and resume) should be submitted by Friday, June 9, 2017 to Rob Kaleel, Executive Director, Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium either via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via regular mail: 9501 W. Devon Avenue, Suite 701, Rosemont, IL, 60018.
For further information about LADCO, please see:

Please contact Rob Kaleel or Sarah Haug at 847-720-7880 (or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), if you have any questions concerning this announcement.

LADCO is an equal opportunity employer and its policy is to hire individuals solely upon the basis of their qualifications and demonstrated ability to perform the job.